APM menu does not showing up in in kibana (self hosted)

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I'am running Elasticsearch 6.4.1 on Kubernetes (docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:6.4.1). I enabled X-Pack too.

I Have installed APM-Server 6.2.4 and everything is working fine : I have data coming from my instrumented nodeJS apps. I also imported APM dashboards.

BUT the APM UI does not showing up in the left menu.

What I've missed?

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That sounds odd. A few steps that might highlight the issue:

  1. Please double check, that your license for x-pack is valid: Management -> License Management.
  2. Try accessing <host>/app/apm directly, and see if that brings up the APM UI?
  3. Ensure that the following config options are not disabled in config/kibana.yml:
apm_oss.enabled = true
xpack.apm.enabled: true
xpack.apm.ui.enabled: true

Let me know how it goes.

(Cabrinoob) #3

Ok, I found the problem : The Docker image of Kibana was pointing on the kibana-oss version. Using the non-oss one resolved my problem.

Now I have "APM" in the left menu.

Thank you

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