Can't see APM menu item in kibana


I'm using 6.6.1 elastic and kibana version with APM agent. Agent is set and I'm receiving indexes, but I can't see APM menu item in kibana. I looked in documentation and it say that x-pack is needed, but from 6.3 elastic version x-pack is included by default, so I don't need to install it right?

see picture

Kibana version :

Elasticsearch version :

APM Server version :

APM Agent language and version :
Java, 1.4.0

Where did you download Kibana from? I wonder if you grabbed the Open-Source version.

Here are the downloads for Kibana 6.6.1.

It wasn't installed by me. How can I found out if I'm using open source version?

Sorry can't see link that you referring to.

My bad, here you go:

You will need the default distribution installed - it's either not installed, or disabled. If you can get the kibana.yml you can confirm.

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