APM UI in Elastic Cloud Kibana not showing up

(Alexsander Pereira) #1

We're running Kibana in Elastic Cloud (on AWS) and I am able to load the APM dashboards, but it looks the "dedicated APM UI" is not showing up.

I am testing (in Trial) to decide if we are going to migrate to the elastic cloud.

Kibana 6.4.1

(Rasmus Makwarth) #2

Hi there,
unfortunately. the APM Server is not yet available on Elastic Cloud and therefore the APM UI is disabled on default on Cloud.

However, there is a workaround: If you host and run the APM Server yourselves, you can access the APM UI on Cloud by manually navigating to /app/apm in Kibana.


(Cknuteson) #3

Are there any limitations to the Kibana UI when browsing to it directly?

(Rasmus Makwarth) #4

Hi @cknuteson,
No, though the setup instructions won't be accurate until the APM Server is supported on Cloud.


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