APM UI in Elastic Cloud Kibana

Hi @wa7son, I saw in another thread (APM and AWS Elasticsearch) where you mentioned that:

APM Server can send data to AWS ES. You will however not be able to use the APM UI in Kibana as that requires the free X-Pack Basic license which it isn't possible to run on AWS ES.

We're running Kibana in Elastic Cloud (on AWS) and I am able to load the APM dashboards, but it looks the "dedicated APM UI" as you called it is not showing up. Is there any way to get the full UI into my Elastic Cloud Kibana?


It's not enabled by default yet (will be soon), but we can enable it for you. If you have a support contract I recommend that you just create a support ticket, if not just let me know and I can help with it. I'll send you a DM, so we can discuss the details

Update: The trial signup period have ended and we can no longer enable APM UI for new users on 6.2. When 6.3 is released the APM UI will be enabled for everybody.

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