7.6.0 Windows Installer MSI - Java Home Preservation

Can I suggest an improvement to the Windows MSI Installer? Now that a compatible JDK is bundled with the installer, can the location of the JDK be controlled just like the config, logs and data folders? We have our "static location" folders located at \ELASTICSEARCH\config etc and the elasticsearch binaries at \ELASTICSEARCH\7.6.0 for example. The JDK could be relocated to \ELASTICSEARCH\JDK and editing of the location allowed. This way whenever there is an update by MSI, the installer can update JDK and we do not have to manually update the Windows Environment Variables to reflect a new path to Java in JAVA_HOME. Thanks.

This is an update to my original post to clarify. Elasticsearch 7.6.0 on startup will look for an environment variable of JAVA_HOME. If it finds one it will use the JDK that JAVA_HOME points to. If JAVA_HOME is not configured it will automatically use the bundled JDK. The MSI installer could check for JAVA_HOME and give the option to the operator to respect the JAVA_HOME configured JDK if present or to "lock" Elasticsearch into using its bundled JDK. May be an option to remove the JAVA_HOME variable if no longer needed?

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