8.0 Upgrade Assistant and the changing log format warning


I updated the ELK stack to the very latest version and it looks like, it's the probably last "minor" update :tada:

I fixed all the issues reported by the upgrade assistant so far (the upgrade assistant was a huge help here) but don't know what to do about the last remaining one:

Kibana's logging format is changing in 8.0

I don't know what to do.

It says:

How to fix

  1. Determine whether your infrastructure is relying on Kibana's legacy log format.
  2. Learn more about our new logging system by checking out the documentation.
  3. Learn more about ECS at Overview | Elastic Common Schema (ECS) Reference [8.0] | Elastic.
  4. Update your ingest tooling to use the new logging format.

When checking the "learn more" link I also don't really know what to do.

To my knowledge I don't rely on the Kibana logs. (Kibana-)Logging is nowhere explicitly configured.

Is there a way to get rid of the warning? Or can I just leave it there and just upgrade to 8.0 when it arrives?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @mw_jko,

Some users ingest those logs in other observability systems. That's the reason for that warning to exist, since the format of the logging will change in 8.0.

If this is not your use case, it's OK for you to skip this warning.

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Thank you @afharo - by "skip this warning" you mean "ignore it" correct? (There is no actual way to dismiss it, or at least I found none.)

The other issues I could fix with "doing stuff", looks like this warning is a more persistent one and would not go away?

Yeah! Sorry! I meant "ignore it". It's just an FYI and, unfortunately, there's no way that changing any config might stop that warning from showing up.

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Thank you for your help @afharo - really appreciated :slight_smile:

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