8 hours difference in time zone

elasticsearch { 
					hosts => localhost	  	
					index => "logstash(%{+YYYY.MM.dd})"  
					document_type =>"logstash"

i didn‘’t set date in logstash
@timestamp April 1st 2018, 00:13:49.395
_index logstash(2018.03.31)
i don‘t know why

That is based on the @timestamp field, which is always in UTC.

can i save my time zone logstash(%{+YYYY.MM.dd}?
maybe change @timestamp

Elasticsearch assumes timestamps are in UTC, so changing this will likely cause problems in other areas. You may be able to create a separate date string you can use based on the original timestamp.

Why do you need the index name to be based on the local timezone?

because i need statistics events daily
but some events before 8 o‘’clock today's Report in the yesterday index

What does the original event and timestamp look like?

like that 2018-04-03T09:54:24.744Z?

Where is your data coming from?

logstash stdout

Where are you collecting it from? Can you post a sample event?

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