A couple HOWTO questions


So after creating my first mapping I now discovered a few more fields that need changes. So at this point are there any HOWTO's that will explain the process of mapping management? Such as:

HOWTO: Create a mapping template, apply it to all indexes, and reindex?
HOWTO: Make additions to existing mapping templates, apply to all indexes, and reindex?

Thank you.


Devs: This link:

Reindex Guide doesn't show HOW to do anything. Why no example here?


And from Updating a Mapping:

Although you can add to an existing mapping, you can’t change existing field mappings. If a mapping already exists for a field, data from that field has probably been indexed. If you were to change the field mapping, the indexed data would be wrong and would not be properly searchable.

why not? I'm going to have to reindex all the data anyway, why force me to most likely have to delete my entire mapping?

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What that's referring to is changing the mapping associated with an existing index. The data has already been indexed using that mapping so changing it and then indexing more data on the changed mapping into the same index would result in inconsistent results. You can change templates all you want as they're only applied at the time an index is created.



I see that you can actually modify the template...I was expecting an error, but I was able...so that's a plus at least..thank you Kimbro.

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So apparently reindexing with 2.3 > is as easy as this:

POST /_reindex
  "source": {
    "index": "twitter"
  "dest": {
    "index": "new_twitter"

Thank you StackExchange because even the latest ES docs don't show this. Continuing on...

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You mean like this - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/2.4/docs-reindex.html


Ah...LOL...I see....this is under "Document API's", not in the "Reindexing Your Data" section in the "Index Management" section...gotcha :slight_smile: And thanks..I'll keep posting as I continue on my journey :slight_smile:

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