Elasticsearch mapping changes

(Rena Soursou) #1

Hello everyone,

I want to start a project and we will use es as search engine!! I have a few questions. I know how important the mapping is. I have read some topics that if I change a field type in the mapping then the index must be deleted and created again. I want to be sure about all the cases that I describe bellow in the newest version of es. The cases are:

  1. Updating an existing mapping adding a new field
  2. Delete a field from a mapping
  3. Change a type of a field in the mapping

In which cases my Index must deleted and recreated? Thank you a lot for your answers!!

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Adding a new field does not require any reindexing.

Deleting or changing the mapping of a field does require reindexing into a new index.

(Rena Soursou) #3

Thank you!

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