Remove mapping of no existing fields

(Thomas Decaux) #1

Why is not possible to remove completly a mapping field ? (I would like to change a field type to boolean to string, I have removed this field, but I cannot change the mapping field type despite there is no data for this field :/)

I am using update_by_query for reindexing, because I want to stay on the same index.

I know has been removed, I hope there is a way to achieve it.

A big thanks !

(Mark Walkom) #2

There is, you need to reindex.

(Thomas Decaux) #3

reindex is fine for small indices, but I have 7x 20Go indices to update :confused: :confused:

I finally use reindex API, it took lot of time and ressources but it does the trick. Actually ES is not schema less at all and schema is immutable (apart add new fields).

(Mark Walkom) #4

That's still not a lot of data.

Also if you can add fields to the mappings, then by definition it is mutable.

(Thomas Decaux) #5

ok I mean it's no completely immutable .... so is not immutable by dictionnary definition.

(system) #6