A kibana query with hot-warm-cold node

We have a index with daily-based indexing.
For example, hot node for a weak data , warm for a month, then move to cold node.

When we do a simple query in Kibana , ex doc count for last 15mins, how do we avoid searching old data in cold node? (I found the query to ES is still wild-card * in index name even we query very fresh data)

Kibana should be doing a range query, so this may explain

Is your 15 minute query pretty fast?

Currently, 15 min is still fast.
So I confused too.

But if I query bigger range, like 3 days for example with Kibana, (still in hot node) for just doc counting,

It could be very slow.

So I guess it hit the warm nodes to check.

You might be able to research in Kibana devtools search profiler.

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