A Possible Problem with the Puppet Module

Elastic/Elasticsearch at Puppet Forge

Here's the use-case: The environment I am in uses Red Hat Satellite to mirror all the repos we want to use rather than every server hitting every yum server separately.

Unless I am missing something, it would appear that the repo URL's are hard-coded in the module.

If I am mistaken - which has been known to happen :sunglasses: - please point out how I can use the mirrored repo.

If I am not mistaken, I will b e happy to open an issue on the module and then see if I can assist with a solution.

Thanks, folks.

Hi @LinuxDan,

This change was recently implemented, see the associated issue on GitHub for additional details. The update will go out on the Forge the next time the module is release (which is semi-regularly). The change should expose the functionality you need in the repo_baseurl parameter, let us know whether that's not the case. :+1:

Thanks, Tyler
Until the Forge is updated, I should be able to pull right from GitHub

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