A way to change "_source" but keep the original index?

(Judy Gao) #1

Dear Elasticsearch expert ,

I am looking for a solution which it can keep the original index , but changed the "_source" for saving some disk space. Right now I have a document which one field contains some duplicated words, I want to keep the index as usual , but I want to change "_source" to something like "beach^3 sun^2" , which means there are three "beach" and two "sun" in original documentation.
Here I want is to change "_source" but keep the index as usual , I know that "transform" can do thing in different way, "transform" can store original source in "_source" but index the transformed results. That's the different from what I want .
Any idea or any clue how to make this ?


(Mark Walkom) #2

You cannot, _source is an exact copy of the original doc.
You would need to create a new field for this.

(Judy Gao) #3

Thanks for reply , I don't want to create a new field because I just want to save some disk space but still have "_source" .


(Mark Walkom) #4

Then you cannot do that.

(system) #5