A way to reduced needed storage space for Elastic Agent?

Hello everyone,

I have two questions.

When installing/enrolling a Fleet-managed Elastic Agent (as tar) I'm required to download the tar.gz, extract the files and execute the install/enroll command.
By doing so the directory /Elastic/Agent gets created under /opt and the beforehand extracted files get copied into it.
Therefore the Agent temporarily needs twice the storage space on the system (around 3,4 GB instead of 1,7 GB).

Is there a way to bypass this?

I tried to move the direcory with the extracted files into /opt/Elastic and rename it to /Agent but when executing the install/enroll command it overwrites the directory i.e. deleting everything.

When installing the Agent every Beat is automatically installed. (at least since version 8.6 as far as i tested)
Is there a way to install the Agent only with specific Beats?

Thanks in advance.

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