Ability to add more exported fields in APM

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ref to the above post, If my request/response has additional fields, how do i make sure it gets indexed?

I am using APM 6.0

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Generally, you can add additional information that should be indexed via tags. If you don't need to search or aggregate on the information you can add it via custom context.

Not sure which agent you are using, so I am linking to the python agent docs for an example.

Note that APM 6.0 was in alpha. You might want to consider upgrading to a newer version.

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I am using node.js agent. the apm and the entire ELK stack is updated too->
2018-10-08T11:10:03.569+0800 INFO instance/beat.go:225 Setup Beat: apm-server; Version: 6.3.0

the issue may be not related to the version of the apm.

maybe I am unable to articulate the problem clearly/correctly.

I am providing a screenshot from kibana to see if it can help.


as you can see, the fields are captured but not indexed.

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By default only defined attributes sent from the agents are indexed. Please refer to No cached mapping for this field --> APM for instructions on how you can add fields to be indexed.

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