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I am using APM to monitor my node.js application. In Kibana, I see some fields with the error : " no cached mapping for this field". As a result, I cannot run any analytics or visualization on these fields.

example of fields that are being indexed:

example of fields that are not being indexed:

I have tried editing the fields.yml for apm-server. but i cant see those fields in the index management tab.

What am I missing?

Hi Umapati,

Have you created an index pattern that matches your APM indexes? If yes, could you try to go to Settings > Indices in Kibana and click the "Refresh field list" (yellow button) for that index pattern.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Ron,

I have update the fields.yml located @ /etc/apm-server with the missing parameters. However, I dont see them updated under kibana.

Thanks! The recommended way to get additional fields indexed at the moment is to add them to "tags": Agent API | APM Node.js Agent Reference [4.x] | Elastic

For some fields that might be impossible or very inconvenient. It turns out that unfortunately 6.4 introduced a small bug which requires that you set setup.template.fields to fields.yml in order for apm-server to load the file. I've filed an issue fields.yml is ignored but still shipped with packages · Issue #8607 · elastic/beats · GitHub.

Please also make sure you've set setup.template.overwrite: true and that it only works for newly created indices.

Let me know if that helps.


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