No cached mapping for this field for apm server

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Hi I am using apm server and sending the data to aws ES and kibana . I am getting warning for some fields (No cached mapping for this field). I tried to refresh the index pattern in management. And I am not able to find those field in managament-index pattern.

this is in discover page .

# context.process.ppid 3,510
t context.process.title node
? context.request.body.app_imei 358674085505105
? context.request.body.appversion v2.5.18
? context.request.body.doctor_source MessageSyncService
? context.request.body.domain Doctor
? 1196
? context.request.body.imei 358674085505105
? context.request.body.lastSyncTime 0
? context.request.body.password 358674085505105
? context.request.body.platform Android
? context.request.body.user 1196
? context.request.body.username 358674085505105
? true
? context.request.headers.accept-encoding gzip
? context.request.headers.content-encoding gzip
? context.request.headers.content-length 163
? context.request.headers.content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded

this filed are not found in management --index pattern

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I am not able to find above field in management index pattern

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Does clicking the refresh button in the top right on that page help?

This usually occurs when fields are added after the index is created. Kibana stores its own copy and is saying it sees the field but doesn't have a copy of the new fields.

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