Some APM Transacion index fields are not searchable

I'm using APM Server version 7.11.2. I've got some services sending data to APM. I have a login by certificate microservice and I'd like to filter some request parameters in order to know who and when logged in. When I search in the apm*transaction index pattern in the Discover area in Kibana, most of the fields that start by http appear with a yellow warning signal. It tells me to go Management > Index Patterns > Refresh field list, but doing so is not helping, as there aren't any new fields in the list.

I have also nuked all the indices in the test environment so it starts fresh, but the same problem appears. Is there any way to achieve this?


Hi @xacobecm,
not all collected data are indexed by default; if you want to index additional fields, you can configure the setup.template.append_fields in your apm-server.yml. Also see some previous posts with an example and some more details.

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