APM services not listed in Kibana APM

Using v 7.5.1 of Kibana, Elasticsearch & APM-server.
I am able to see the data in discover tab, but not in the APM tab.
I have gone through the recommendations in the guide & other forums,
index name is kept standard apm-*, templates not changed.
Index patterns & Index template visible in the Kibana management tab.

IN the APM setup it shows -
under server - APM Server has still not connected to Elasticsearch
under agents -
Data successfully received from one or more agents
1 of 1 objects already exist. Click 'Confirm overwrite' to import and overwrite existing objects. Any changes to the objects will be lost.

I have java agents & rum agent data

Hi Team, any help on this ?

Hey @tarund,

can you share screenshots of:

  • the discover app when you're looking at APM data
  • the APM UI

Make sure to scrub out any sensitive data, and let's include the whole screen so the date range etc are visible.

That will help me trying to figure out what's missing here.

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