APM server : No module found in Kibana

I have an issue with apm-server and Kibana. I initialized the stack with two agents (java and nodeJs) and I have indexed data from APM in my Elasticsearch database (apm-7.9.2-transaction, apm-7.9.2-span, apm-7.9.2-metric and apm-7.9.2-onboarding) but when I try to access it through Kibana, I have the message "No services found".
APM-server acess to Kibana because I have this in apm-server log's : "Successfully obtained connection to Kibana." after starting it.

Can someone help me please ?


Hi @azerty, thanks for your message.

Can you please take a look if the data stored in ES is within the time range selected? You can also check if the APM default index pattern has been changed. You can check it by opening Settings -> Indices.

Date picker:

Indices page:

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