No services found in Kibana

Kibana version: 7.15

Elasticsearch version: 7.15

APM Server version: 7.15

APM Agent language and version: Python (5.1.2)

Browser version: Firefox 92.0

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version: apt

Fresh install or upgraded from other version? Upgrade from 7.10

Is there anything special in your setup?
I called the setup method during the upgrade process of the apm server

Description of the problem including expected versus actual behavior. Please include screenshots (if relevant): APM section shows no services found, even in time ranges where there is data in Kibana Discover for the apm-* index. The property on the index row is correct, but Kibana still does not recognize the service.
Addition: in the overview section the correct number of services is displayed, but still nothing under APM->Services. It only shows data when i started the time measurement functionality. This runs only sometimes, the main function is exception detection (processor.event=error). If only errors are present Kibana shows no services available, which is a huge problem. Do I have to configure it to display a service even when only errors are available?

Steps to reproduce:

Errors in browser console (if relevant):

Provide logs and/or server output (if relevant):

There's an open issue for this: [APM] Service inventory don't show services that only contain error events · Issue #112091 · elastic/kibana (

Ok, thanks. I will close this question. The problem is actually in Kibana, so that only services with either transactions or metrics in the selected time range are considered for the service overview. Services with only error events are not (anymore).

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