APM No services found on Kibana


I'm trying to get metrics from my python application using the APM solution.

I have deployed three docker containers (APM-server, Elasticsearch and Kibana - versions 7.11.1) using the docker-compose from Quick start development environment | APM Overview [7.11] | Elastic

To test my Python application I'm following the API Documentation API reference | APM Python Agent Reference [master] | Elastic, so my Python code is below:

from elasticapm import Client
client = Client({'SERVICE_NAME': 'test','SERVER_URL': 'http://apm-server:8200', 'CLOUD_PROVIDER': 'none'})
data = {
	'name': 'Sample data'

client.capture_message('Debug message', custom=data)

The code runs succesfully, but when I go into Kibana I see the following:

  • Under APM it says No services found, so I can not see any data from there
  • Under Index Management I see a document per each execution of my code, so the APM-Server is storing the data on ElasticSearch
  • If I create an Index Pattern I can see the content under Discover

Any guess? It seems to be strange.

No services found:


I really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.


This is probably related to APM 7.11 services missing if no traffic

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