APM 7.11 services missing if no traffic

Since upgrading Elasticsearch, Kibana, and APM-server to the the newest version (7.11), on the APM tab under Observability, if there is no traffic on a particular service for the time frame selected, the service no longer shows up in the list. We liked being able to see all the services even if there is no traffic for the time frame. This is the way every previous version worked.

Is this an APM issue or Kibana? Is there a way for us to toggle showing all services again?

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@tsbayne Is your issue similar to Show services reporting only metrics in the APM UI · Issue #92075 · elastic/kibana · GitHub (there are system/application metrics, but no traffic)? If so, we'll likely discuss it somewhere next week. You can subscribe to the issue for updates.

Yes. This issue sums it up pretty well. Will keep an eye on this. Thank you for your help @dgieselaar !

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