APM in Kibana Empty

ELK 6.5 (free subscription), APM Server 6.6.1

We are seeing an empty list in APM in Kibana. However, we do have data logged to the apm-* index and our service "expresstest" is displayed in the Kibana Search.

Kibana is sending the query {"query_string":{"query":"*"}} and getting [ ] as response.


i am the same with you.waiting for the answer!

I experienced something similar before in Elastic APM 6.5.3 (Docker version) when I was using custom RUM transactions. It disappeared when I upgraded to 6.6.0.

The symptom on my side is that the Service name appears in the APM home page, the transactions and traces names appear in the drill down (when you click on the service name), but when the traces and transactions are clicked for details, it returns an empty page. The transactions and traces can be viewed in Discover page.

As mentioned above, it only affected my custom RUM transactions. As I am using 6.6.0 now, i can no longer reproduce the symptoms.

Hi Marc,

The screenshot in Discover shows a metric document. Do you have any transactions or errors?
In 6.6 the service overview will only show services that has transactions and/or errors. Metric-only services will not be displayed. This was fixed for 7.0 in: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/30397

Hi Marc,

A quick update: I've backported the fix to 6.6 so if this was indeed the issue you were seeing you should be able to upgrade to the next patch (6.6.2), and be able to see metric-only services in the service overview.

6.6: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/31789

I don't in fact have any transactions or errors yet: just a setUserContext(). If I send an error we start to see something thanks!


var apm = require('elastic-apm-node').start({serviceName: 'expresstest', serverUrl: 'http://myapmhost:8200'});
apm.setUserContext({id: 1, username: 'jack'});
apm.captureError(new Error('Ups, something broke!')

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