Able to list system indices in elasticsearch 7.9.0

I deployed elasticsearch cluster with operator 1.3.0 and es version: 7.9.0. When I am trying to list the indices, not able to see any system indices. Attaching the screenshot

Able to see only created indices. Is that the default behaviour?

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read, impossible to search and replicate (if it's code), and some people may not be even able to see them :slight_smile:

OKay @warkolm. When I go inside the pod , I try to list the indices using the below command:

curl -u "elastic:pwd" -k -X GET "https://svc:9200/_cat/indices"

I m not able to see any system indces.

Can you post the text that was in the image directly here?

It is just the output when I try to list the indices using the curl command. I am not able to find any default(system) indices. Below is the output when I try to list the indices. I created one index. I can see only that index.

yellow open index-oo1 IOCIj0zpT6S8-3F2FedhEg 1 1 0 0 208b 208b

But for below versions like 7.6.0, I can see system indices as well. This is the output for list indices.

green open .security-7              umGH8KBPTnSdCbJfNso7Aw 1 1 36 0 124.7kb 85.6kb
green open .kibana_task_manager_1   tWu2uxWCQGCtwj9ScHg18w 1 1  2 0  43.4kb 21.7kb
green open .apm-agent-configuration --11Ff_AQr6WKXaOLmn6zQ 1 1  0 0    566b   283b
green open .kibana_1                _pTFJLczRoC6uvOrgJANBg 1 1  2 0    20kb 11.2kb

I just ran that call on 7.10.0 and can see the system indices without an issue.

What is the output from GET /?

I am getting nothing in output when ran the above one

curl -u "elastic:pwd" -k -X GET "https://svc:9200/" returns nothing?

I can list system indices when after adding kibana.

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