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I have a local, stand-alone install of Elasticsearch, Kibana and Enterprise Search. I enabled the self-monitoring and have stats/auto created indices for related Elasticsearch and Kibana.

I am seeing a list of 'Available indices' showing up for each day, but it will likely crowd out the actual Enterprise Search indices I am using as website crawler indices. I have a screen below of that page in the Kibana UI:

The environment also has an Elastic Cloud deployment but that does not show the monitoring data in the same list of search indices. They appear to be marked as 'hidden' somehow. Those are also prefixed with '.ds-'.

Is there something special to turn on to hide monitoring indices?

I think I found what I needed to do to make the indices above become 'hidden'. Index Management > Indices > [index in question] - Edit Settings - put in " index.hidden": "true" - Save.

I suppose now I'm trying to figure out how I would have this occur every subsequent monitoring index that is created.

Hi @alongaks. Unfortunately we don't have a great way to do this for you right now, but this is a feature request we hope to bring to you in a future release. In your current setup, you'd either have to mark these indices as hidden (as you've done), or you'd have to use the search bar to filter for the indices you do want to see.

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Hello, Sander. Thanks for the response. I will make a note. Hopefully it becomes added functionality!

Hate to resurrect a thread like this, but in the chance anyone else encounters a similar need.

I was able to get subsequent monitoring indices to be hidden by adding the hidden option to their counterpart index template:

"index.hidden": "true",

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