.monitoring-es* indices: Kibana can't see all fields

I'm trying to build a simple cluster monitoring dashboard, and I'm having trouble pulling data from .monitoring-es* indices.

I've created (and re-created) an index pattern for .monitoring-es* and .monitoring-es-6*, however many fields that I'm interested in have a question mark symbol beside them indicating they aren't mapped:

However I can see that the data is there as adding the colums to a search shows populated data:

When I try to access these fields in a visualization Kibana tells me they don't exist :confused:

Hi there, if you go to Index Patterns, select your Index Pattern, and then click the "Refresh" button in the top right corner, you should be able to use these fields in visualizations. I hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the reply - I should have mentioned that I tried that also; it picks up a few more fields, but still leaves out a lot of the cluster_state ones I'm interested in:

Oh, I see. So, the "?" in Discover means the fields are in the _source of the docs that return from your query, but they're not in the index pattern... typically refreshing the fields should take care of that. It seems like this could be a bug. Would you mind filing a bug report on our repo?


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