Refresh index patterns doesn´t seem all fields

we´re trying to visualize some monitoring (x-PACK) data with kibana visualizations directly.

.monitoring* indices have a lot of fields, when refreshing index patterns not all of them are detected, just 309, so we can´t see them creating visualization.


What version of kibana are you using? What do you mean by only 309 are detected? How many are you expecting? What steps are you taking? Can you provide a screen shot?

I´ll try to reduce the problem...

When refresh index pattern ".monitoring-es*", 191 fields are detected

but in "discovery" I have a lot of "No caching mapping for this field" warnings (yellow triangle, see image)

You can see my complete mapping here

Using kibna 5.6.5

We´ve solved this. In our mapping, "dynamic" was false, so it doesn´t contain all fields. Updating to true and creating new index solve the problem.-

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