Issue with refreshing fields in kibana

Hi Team,

We are using ELK v 6.3.1. We are facing one issue while viewing cluster monitoring data in kibana.
For few fields i see a caution symbol which says "No Cached mapping for this filed. Refresh field list from the management > index patterns page" for example for the field . Even after refreshing as decribed above, this caution symbol is still there and no fields are added.

what is the solution for this ?

This is done purposefully for now. We cache the mapping because large mappings are expensive to parse. We cache the normalized mapping to keep things speedy. We're looking into methods of offering a warning. Reloading field data manually through settings solves this.

Am also tagging @pickypg / @tsullivan here for more detailed response from the monitoring perspective.



That field is not something we currently have in the mappings or something we show in the UI. If you'd like to use that field for your own purposes (which it sounds like is the case), I'd recommend creating an index template to match the .monitoring-es-6* index pattern, then define your own mappings to account for any fields you want to use.

You can view the existing index template used internally by running this command in the dev console: GET _template/.monitoring-es.

Let me know if this helps!

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