Fields restriction on index patterns

Hi folks,
I would like to visualize cluster stats in Kibana.
I have couple of interesting information from metricbeat:

  • cluster_stats.indices.count
  • license.expiry_date_in_millis
  • cluster_stats.status

However my index patterns on .monitoring* doesn't see theses fields. I tried to refresh index patterns without success.

My setup is a fresh by default install on Kibana/Elasticsearch 7.4.2. Is there some restriction on theses fields?

The default mapping provided by metricbeat:

"mappings" : {
"date_detection" : false,
"dynamic" : false,
"properties" : {
"cluster_stats" : {
"properties" : {
"nodes" : {
"type" : "object"
"indices" : {
"type" : "object"

I think Kibana can't cache object field with dynamic set to false.
I create a new mapping with dynamic to true and delete the type object. After that, fields are available.
My concern is the impact on embedded monitoring features.
Doesanyone know if there is an impact to Elasticsearch/Kibana monitoring features?

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The mappings are setup for .monitoring-* indices such that all mapped fields are used in the Stack Monitoring UI. It is true that were are more fields in the document than are in the mapping.