Remove/restrict items in Kibana Visualize field picker


In the Kibana Visualize field picker, I'm seeing hundreds of metricbeat fields that we have never used. We only use the system module and yet we see fields from every single metricbeat module. Is there any way to limit the fields that Kibana shows here? Where is Kibana getting this list from?


This list is coming from the index pattern in Management > Index Patterns. I'm not sure but I would guess that there's a way for metricbeat to limit the fields that actually show up in the index pattern. Do you mind asking in the beats forums for this information?

If that doesn't work, you'd have to update your mapping for your metricbeat indices and remove the fields that you don't use, and then go to Management > Index Patterns and refresh your index pattern fields.

Thanks, Lukas. Yeah, after removing the fields I don't need from the merticbeat index template, the new indices no longer have those fields in their mapping, and therefore do not show up in the index pattern or the field picker :+1:

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