Fields are displayed as hidden in Kibana

My data comes from 2 data sources - an API and a local script that I'm testing.
Both of them holds the same index pattern for ES & Kibana

My problem is that when I'm searching for fields from my local script, I can't see them.
Only if I unchecked the box Available Fields -> Hide Missing Fields, than I can see those hidden fields

Plus, when I see this fields, it appears with the next message:

This field is present in your elasticsearch mapping but not in any documents in the search results. You may still be able to visualize or search on it.

This is unclear to me, due to the fact that I can search and get result for this fields in the query input bar
Any idea what am I doing wrong ?

10x in advance :slight_smile:


That says your data doesn't have any values in that field.

Tnx @warkolm !
But it does ! That's why I'm not sure what's wrong?
It owns 500 records, and when I query a specific search for this, it gives me results
The problem is that I can't aggregate it with other fields

Try refreshing the mapping under the index settings in KB?

Yep ! when I do that, I see this fields in the setting of the index pattern
But not in the visualize
What are the odds that it related to 2 different data source? they both spill into same index pattern


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