Error on Kibana

I am using Kibana and Elastic search 5.1.2.
I have created an index locally via Sense. I can see the properties in localhost: 9200.
The fields are also visible in Kibana Discover section and my index can be found in the settings section.
Initially I was not able to get anything under timestamp section but then added a field under metafields .as _timestamp.
Now when I go to visualise even after selecting metrics i don't see any report. When I go to Discover I don't see the fields.
Its under the missing section. If I uncheck Hide missing fields I see them but on hovering my mouse it says : This field is present in your elasticsearch mapping but not in any documents in the search results. You may still be able to visualize or search on it. Need assistance.

Hi Sanjay,

Can you post the command you used in Sense(called "Console" now in 5.x versions) to create the index?

And then can you also go to Management > Index Patterns and click on your index pattern name. That should show the fields and their attributes. Could you grab a screenshot of that and paste it here?


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Thanks Lee, but i think i figured out what went wrong. There was an issue with the date filter.

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