Not able to show field values in Kibana

I have JSON documents that I send through a lambda to Elasticsearch and these JSONs have certain fields nested that are flattened in the process, I can see that they are correctly showed in my Index Pattern, like this:

But when I go to discover, the only field that is correctly showing is the one that ES mapped as a date field:

I have already checked that the documents that I sent to ES through the lambda have values inside these fields. But these fields don't appear in Discover, like the image above and when I expand a single document, I can't see these fields too (even when I uncheck "hide missing fields").

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Any help? I would really appreciate any ideas. Thank you all!

It looks like you've added the "keyword" version of the fields in Discover, when what you really need is the non-keyword version added in the columns. This is because the table in Discover currently only shows what actually ended up in the _source of the document in Elasticsearch.

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