Kibana elasticsearch monitoring not showing indices


I have a Kibana instance (7.9.2) configured on a cluster dedicated to monitoring and logs data.
I also have a second elasticsearch cluster for data on version 7.9.2 and all the monitoring and logs data are configured with metricbeat and filebeat agents.
But at some point, in kibana -> Stack monitoring, the list of indices disappeared for the data cluster.
In the node tab, I continue to see the nodes, but the number of shards and indices per node keeps appearing and disappearing. And in the indices Tab, I'm getting the message "There are no indices that match your selections. Try changing the time range selection."

Any help is much appreciated.

Hello Moadh, we don't have an immediate suspicion based on your description, though would suggest that you upgrade to a current version in case it's a regression that had been fixed since

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