Monitoring Cluster not showing data properly

Hello everyone,

I have installed metricBeat on all our production servers which collecting the data in other monitoring elasticsearch.

Everything is working fine up to this point all the indexes are being created on monitoring cluster


green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2020.02.16 NmE79oStTeaETvEf0-7Bfg 1 1 8637 0 4.1mb 2mb
green open metricbeat-6.5.4-2020.02.16 DH5tuoZcSfm_IysHfQB4GA 1 1 1426621 0 608mb 303.5mb
green open .monitoring-es-6-2020.02.16 UyyJy-TxTTqqmE-SnlUAig 1 1 244045 305 253mb 126.7mb

Also, we have set up another kibana for this monitoring cluster.

But when I go to monitoring Tab under kibana it is showing indices for the current monitoring cluster but the data is being collected from production servers.

can anybody help me why is it not showing monitoring data, Nodes, indices for production server?

Could you please share your Metricbeat configuration and format it using </>?

In the output, I have provided monitoring elasticsearch IP

      # Array of hosts to connect to.
      hosts: ["a.b.c.d:9200"]
      # Optional protocol and basic auth credentials.
      #protocol: "http"
      #username: "elastic"
      #password: "changeme"

For kibana:

# Kibana Host
  host: "a.b.c.d"

That's all I have changed in merticBeat.yml

What modules have you enabled in Metricbeat? You can list these by running metricbeat modules list.

Also, which version of Metricbeat are you running?


metricbeat version 6.5.4 (amd64), libbeat 6.5.4

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