Kibana not displaying monitoring data

I have been trying to setup a separate monitoring cluster for collecting monitoring data from the production cluster. I have installed metricbeat on each of the production cluster's nodes and metricbeats is successfully sending the metric related data to monitoring cluster. I have a separate kibana instance which is part of the monitoring cluster. On the kibana instance, there is a coordinating node configuration too and the source for kibana monitoring data is

However, I am not seeing any data on the kibana's monitoring page. I see the default page where it asks for options enabling the monitoring.

Is there anything that I am missing?

NOTE: the production cluster is security enabled but the monitoring cluster is not.

Few more info:

Kibana version: 7.7.0
Elasticsearch: 7.7.0
metricbeat: 7.7.1

Do you see the indices in your monitoring cluster?

Have you created an Index pattern under "Management"?

@defalt, i can see the indices as below

And yes, i have created the below index pattern


And your problem is that it is not displayed when using "Discover"?
Should look like this:

Very interesting problem you have hear. Whats the Config of Kibana?

@defalt, I can see the data in discover using the metricbeat-* pattern. But the problem is stack monitoring page is not showing any monitoring data. I am getting the page as below

As per my understanding, it should show the production cluster's node monitoring details.

@defalt, Kibana config ""
elasticsearch.hosts: [""]
monitoring.ui.enabled: true
xpack.monitoring.kibana.collection.enabled: false

Not familiar with your problem from this on. I would create a new Dashboard for monitoring your data. Not familiar with metricbeat.

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