Kibana No monitoring data found

version : 8.2.3
kibana No monitoring data found

get cluster info not found .
is it the reason?
And GET /_cat/indices?v&s=index
has .monitoring-kibana-7-2022.09.05

Have you set up metricbeat?

not set up

So.. what are you expecting?

Hi @WenhaoXu Welcome to the community.

In order for monitoring to work you need to set it up.

There are 2 ways to do it a legacy/ deprecated method which is ok if you just want to look and see or by setting up the appropriate collection method.

You can read about monitoring here

I want to show monitor data like this

kibana monitor data should not have to set up metricbeat ?
I set up local kibana and elasticsearch ,and not set up metricbeat ,It can show data

hi stephenb ,When I used to use Kibana to monitor data, I didn't do much configuration. After installing Kibana, and then configuring the basic information to connect Elasticsearch, I can monitor it . is 8.2.3 version new feature?

Collect monitoring data using legacy collectors | Kibana Guide [8.2] | Elastic I use legacy/ deprecated method to monitor data,


So when you logged into Kibana and Went to Monitoring the First time did you select this?

And then you clicked this?

I did that and I got this... on an Default Installation of Kibana and Elasticsearch on the Same Host.

If so that should work, unless you changed something else...

To be clear that is the legacy / soon to be deprecated method but it should work for now.

If you have made other settings changes that could affect the outcome.

yes , i do ,and A month ago, it was able to monitor data . today I clone the kibana source code ,and find /api/monitoring/v1/clusters logic ,I found that kibana will search .monitoring-es* index with
"type": {
"value": "cluster_stats"
and when I search with kibana dev tools ,it found no data ,but in my local env ,I can find data ,I think the reason is .monitor-es* index not log cluster stats info ,then monitor no data . how can let .monitor-es* log cluster stats?

Apologies... I don't understand.

Are you having trouble with an existing cluster or a new cluster?

Did you upgrade?

Are you trying to build from source?

What changed?

not upgrade ,I set up new elasticsearch and kibana ,
the flow is
1 . I build 8.2.3 elasticsearch and kibana a month ago , and kibana monitor runs ok ,
2. yesterday ,I find the kibana cannot monitor data, and I try to find reason . I compare the bad monitor env with my local env kibana , find they request clusters info different ,they all request api
/api/monitoring/v1/clusters ,but my prod env get no data response ,and local can got .
3 . in order to know how did the api work ,I clone the kibana source ,and find the api logic , find that when request "/api/monitoring/v1/clusters " ,kibana will request a query for .monitor-es* index. query param had {"type": {
"value": "cluster_stats"
},} 。
4 。then I use kibana dev tools to search .monitor-es* with query params ,local env will return cluster stats info ,but bad kibana return nothing , I think this is the reason why kibana monitor no data found ,
5 . now I want to find why elasticsearch not report cluster stats into .monitor-es*

In the environment That was working. Were you monitoring more than one cluster?

Were you using a trial license?

I asked because monitoring one cluster is part of the basic license, but if you're more monitoring more than one cluster from a single UI that requires a license.

monitor one cluster, and thanks for your reply , I think i find the reason , it is not kibana side error, elasticsearch not collect cluster stats into .monitoring-es* , but I don't know how to fix it

Hi @WenhaoXu

Check out this tutorial I made about monitoring the Elasticsearch cluster with Metricbeat. Maybe it'll help you find the problem.

Also, this tutorial to enable legacy monitoring for the Kibana instance:


I had a similar problem, and I thought I'd share in case it's useful for someone else:

  1. Even if Kibana and Logstash are sending their monitoring data (.monitoring-logstash* and .monitoring-kibana*), the data will not appear until Elasticsearch sends monitoring data (.monitoring-es*). That's mentioned in the second point here.
  2. If the metricbeat instance that is collecting data from your Elasticsearch has set scope to node, then each Elasticsearch instance needs to have its own metricbeat. E.g. if 2 Elasticsearch instances are being monitored by metricbeat and 1 instance is not, then Kibana will not show the monitoring data. Therefore all Elasticsearch instances need to be monitored. See here for information about the scope configuration.
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