Monitoring production cluster using Metricbeat

Unable to create a separate cluster for Monitoring the Elastic stack. I have tried configuring it via both MetricBeat as well as HTTP exporters, but I do not see the monitoring information for my production cluster. All I see is the monitoring stats for the monitoring cluster itself.

Using metricbeat, I am able to get metric information about Elasticsearch, but it is not visible in the Monitoring UI of Kibana. I can see this information as elasticsearch indices.

I am running the trial license on the monitoring cluster, and basic on the production cluster.

Hi @NerdSec :slight_smile:

Can you describe in more detail what errors are you getting, how you are configuring the cluster and the modules you have enabled, please? It's difficult to figure out what the problem might be

Hi Mario,

Thank you for the reply. I have documented the issue and the solution in the following thread:


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