Production cluster not visible from Kibana on monitoring cluster

I have a production cluster with 3 nodes all running 5.6.7. I also have a monitoring cluster with a single node also running 5.6.7.

I have configured everything as per this guide: I have configured my production cluster to export the monitoring data to the monitoring cluster. I have verified that the data is being sent to the monitoring cluster and stored at the ".monitoring-es6-YYYY-mm-dd" indices. But in Kibana on the monitoring cluster data I can only see the local data (for the monitoring cluster itself).

All elasticsearch instances have a platinum license. I have restarted Kibana and both Elasticsearch clusters and the issue is still there.

Am I missing something else to view the monitoring data for the production clusters?

Hi @lschmid. First, apologies for the delay in responding.

When you say that you have verified that data is being sent and is stored at ".monitoring-es6-YYYY-mm-dd" indices on the monitoring cluster, do you mean that you have just verified that the indices exist or have you verified that the documents stored inside do originate from the production cluster?

Typically, the configuration is pretty straightforward but here's an overview just in case you missed anything:

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