Production-cluster monitoring shows monitoring-cluster monitoring

Hi forum.

I've managed (or that seems) to setup the production-cluster and monitoring-cluster combo somehow up... these are the steps I did:

  • Setup 2 mockup clusters, x-pack, authentication and TLS/SSL HTTPS is setup. and work
  • Set a node of the production cluster to send monitoring data using http exporter to monitoring cluster.
  • I see objects, at the monitoring-cluster .monitoring-es index, coming from the production EL node. Monitoring-cluser EL nodes and Production-Cluster EL node monitoring data are, therefore, 'mixed' on the .monitoring-es index at the Monitoring-cluster. Monitoring data from the node stops entering at the production-cluster monitoring-es index
  • A Kibana instance running on a Monitoring-cluster node, shows monitoring data ONLY of local, monitoring-cluster nodes (mostly vanilla setup)
  • I have managed to setup a Kibana instance on a production-cluster node, to get monitoring data from the remote monitoring-cluster. I'm using the builtin remote_monitoring_user to setup connection production-kibana -> monitoring-EL
  • I have changed elastic user password on clusters so they are the same to overcome Kibana complaining about permissions

Now the result is that, in the monitoring tab of both Kibana instances, I see the monitorng data of ONLY the monitoring-cluster EL nodes + Kibana.

I notice of an obvious thing : The monitoring-cluster NAME and the production-cluster NAME ... ARE NOT THE SAME .... I failed to read anywhere they have to be the same...

What could be happening? Why is monitoring data from the production EL node being 'ignored' while it is present on the index? Do both monitoring-cluster and production-cluster have to have the same name?

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards.

I've set the elastic user password same on b

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