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Hello Team,

I have deployed elastic monitoring cluster for my production cluster, now I can see monitoring data to new cluster, but cant see the same data in production cluster monitoring tab of kibana.
Is this normal, I can see below message in Kibana for monitoring in prod cluster.

## You need to make some adjustments

To run monitoring please perform the following steps

We checked the  `cluster defaults`  settings for  `xpack.monitoring.exporters` , and found the reason:  `Remote exporters indicate a possible misconfiguration: id1` .

Using monitoring exporters ship the monitoring data to a remote monitoring cluster is highly recommended as it keeps the integrity of the monitoring data safe no matter what the state of the production cluster. However, as this instance of Kibana could not find any monitoring data, there seems to be a problem with the  `xpack.monitoring.exporters`  configuration, or the  `xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch`  settings in  `kibana.yml` .

Check that the intended exporters are enabled for sending statistics to the monitoring cluster, and that the monitoring cluster host matches the  `xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch`  setting in  `kibana.yml`  to see monitoring data in this instance of Kibana.

Production ES configuration:

xpack.monitoring.collection.indices=.monitoring* (Can I change this for all indecies, what will be the impact and benifites) 

Monitoring cluster config:

Hi @akshay_singh2,

now I can see monitoring data to new cluster,

Just to clarify, you mean you are seeing .monitoring-* indices on the monitoring cluster?

Can you also share your kibana.yml for the production cluster? You'll need to set xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.hosts so Kibana knows to look there for the monitoring data (without setting that, it will just look at the production cluster instead). See this document for more information.

Also, this is tangential, but the xpack.monitoring.history.duration=7d setting will only work if you are using a local exporter. See this document for more information

Here is my kibana.yml for production cluster: '' "Kibana(PAD)"
elasticsearch.url: ''
xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.hosts: ''
xpack.monitoring.ui.container.elasticsearch.enabled: true
xpack.monitoring.kibana.collection.enabled: true

Can you share your cluster settings for both the production and monitoring cluster?

Cluster setting of ?
Kibana or elasticsearch?

Cluster settings for Elasticsearch, both clusters please.

It's been there in the opening of thread.

That is the config file. Cluster settings are retrieved from an ES API. Please see ->

There is nothing pretty much in cluster setting for both clusters:

  "persistent" : { },
  "transient" : { }

Its same for both cluster.

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