ECE and monitoring: Remote exporters indicate a possible misconfiguration - misleading

I have ECE hosting a cluster and would like to enable monitoring. I'm not sure if I am looking at the right documentation or possibly conflating some separate features.

In ECE I have the cluster I would like to monitor. I also have a cluster called 'monitoring' - both are running v7.4.1

In ECE for the 'monitoring' deployment, I have Elasticsearch "Sending metrics to a monitoring cluster b4f128 (Self-monitoring)"
I also have the cluster I would like to monitor "Sending metrics to a monitoring cluster b4f128"

When I visit Kibana for the cluster I would like to monitor, and choose the Stack Monitoring tab I get a confusing and misleading message - most of which is gibberish as the monitoring can be accessed through the kibana stack monitoring tab on the "monitoring" cluster. Would it be better to recognise that the cluster is sending monitoring stats to another cluster and link to that?

You need to make some adjustments

To run monitoring please perform the following steps

We checked the cluster persistent settings for xpack.monitoring.exporters , and found the reason: Remote exporters indicate a possible misconfiguration: found-user-defined .

Using monitoring exporters to ship the monitoring data to a remote monitoring cluster is highly recommended as it keeps the integrity of the monitoring data safe no matter what the state of the production cluster. However, as this instance of Kibana could not find any monitoring data, there seems to be a problem with the xpack.monitoring.exporters configuration, or the xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch settings in kibana.yml .

Check that the intended exporters are enabled for sending statistics to the monitoring cluster, and that the monitoring cluster host matches the xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch setting in kibana.yml to see monitoring data in this instance of Kibana.

Ah OK, just to make sure I understand:

You have a cluster X, which is sending monitoring information to cluster Y.

If you go to the monitoring tab for cluster Y, it all works fine

BUT If you go to the monitoring tab for cluster X, it gives that confusing message?

If that is the problem, yes apologies that is a known ECE/Kibana issue that has generated a fair bit of internal discussion. I think there is a long term solution planned but nothing on the near term release schedule


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