ABORTED snapshot blocks doing snapshot

Our Elasticsearch cluster has an aborted snapshot. Here is what I got by calling 'curl _cluster/state', see the content below. It has been in this state for days.

 "snapshots": {
     "snapshots": [
           "repository": "searchbackup",
           "snapshot": "backup140509",
           "include_global_state": true,
           "state": "ABORTED",
           "indices": [

The problem with this is that it didn't allow us to do the snapshot any more, and returned the following error message : "ConcurrentSnapshotExecutionException a snapshot is already running". We tried to delete the aborted snapshot as documented at Snapshot And Restore but it didn't work.

Is there a way that we could clean up this aborted snapshot and re-enable the snapshot for our cluster?

Hi, we are facing the exact same issue. How did you overcome it (if at all) ?

Rolling restart as suggested in Snapshot operation stuck IN_PROGRESS, delete command doesn't work solved it.