About Logstash cloud service

I am using elasticsearch and kibana on elastic cloud(elastic.co)

i am considering to use logstash to collect user events from application server log file.

for this, I am setting up filebeats on app server and about to publish to Logstash.

In order to this, I've been tried to find a logstash cloud server on elastic cloud, but I couldn't.

Do I need to set up any other instance for logstash?

I am finding a managed service that's why I am using elastic cloud instead of install elasticsearch on server by myself.

Logstash isn't part of our Cloud service.
What sort of data are you ingesting from Beats? You might be able to use ingest pipelines to process your data instead of Logstash?

@warkolm We are serving e-commerce. I'd like to publish customer's action like view page, order, and etc.
You mean "Filebeats -> ingest pipeline -> elasticsearch" can solve my problem?

Ingest pipelines sound like they can work. What format are the logs in?

@warkolm it's will be a file log formatted in JSON, Does the pipeline guarantee real-time data safe?

Oh json is excellent then!

What does that mean to you?

@warkolm performance and data-loss, memory consumption, and etc

You'd need to test performance and resources use based on your data source and volume.

I can't comment on the data loss details. Generally the Elastic Stack guarantees at least once delivery of data.

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@warkolm As you mentioned, I think I need to test it. Thanks for your help and I will share my experience in this topic again

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