About merge policy for a segment of small size

I have a question about merge policy for a segment of small size.
I have found a below segment from a shard and have expected that would be merged with new one since the size seemed to be small (just 3.3mb).

"_ks" : {
"generation" : 748,
"num_docs" : 355,
"deleted_docs" : 0,
"size_in_bytes" : 3546268,
"memory_in_bytes" : 41931,
"committed" : true,
"search" : true,
"version" : "7.5.0",
"compound" : true,
"attributes" : {
"Lucene50StoredFieldsFormat.mode" : "BEST_SPEED"

But that segment is remained so long time although force merge is called..

If a segment size is over floor_segment value(2MB), Would that segment not be merged to new one without other trigger point(e.g., delete_weight)?
Or is there any policy to trigger merge with segment size?
FYI, I am using ES 6.5.2 version.


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