Set the min size of a segment?

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The Definitive Guide says:

Small segments are merged into bigger segments, which, in turn, are merged into even bigger segments.

Because my cluster has a lot of index,so there are a lot of segments,every segment consumes file handles, memory, and CPU cycles,so the usage of heap size always over 65%,so the cluster do gc frequently.

I want to reduce the number of segments,but don't want to use _forcemerge api.

Can i set the min size of the segment,then it will be merged?

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How's your index named? If it is based on dates close the indexes which is older and not used for searching.

It may help for you

(Adrien Grand) #3

Maybe you should try to reduce the total number of shards you have, by either creating indices with fewer shards or creating fewer indices.

For instance, in the case that you need to have multiple tenants, a common solution is to use a single index with filtered aliases and routing.

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