About price of Elasticsearch (watcher, shield, marvel - Gold products)

Dear All,

My name is Hoang Anh. I have some the questions, please help me.
My company want to setup a system using elasticsearch with watcher, shield, marvel (cluster have about less 10 nodes, after 6-12 month will be less 20 nodes and in future will be more than 30 nodes). So, can someone tell me:

  1. How much price of Gold products for 10 nodes? (and how much if is Platinum products?)
  2. What happen when I try free is out of date (after 30 day free tried)? (with watcher and with shield)

Thanks you so much.

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For questions regarding the subscriptions offered by Elastic, you should use the contact form on this page: https://www.elastic.co/contact. The Sales team will then be able to discuss options with you.

In terms of when you licence for the products expire, for Shield access to the stats/info & health APIs will be blocked, and for Watcher access to the watcher API is blocked (you can't add/update/delete watches or get watcher stats),watches will keep executing and writing to the watch history, but watch actions will not be executed.

Hope that helps

If you'd like a direct contact from a sales person, please PM me your email address and your location and I will arrange someone to get in contact.

Thanks for your help. I will contact with the Sales team.

I deleted the post with your details, pretty sure you don't want them shared.

Someone will be in contact soon.