Is watcher free for now?


(Kitex) #1

Can I use watcher beta for free forever?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Watcher has a 30 day trial license included when you first install it.
After that, Watcher will no longer execute your watches, however they will not be deleted and any history is also saved.

(Kitex) #3


(Mark Walkom) #4

Just to clarify my last comment;
Watcher will continue executing watches, but no actions will be fired. The watch history will continue being updated.

(Michael Voigt) #5

What will cost the watcher product later?

(Steve Kearns) #6

Hi Michael,

Watcher is included in our Gold and Platinum subscriptions. In addition to Watcher, they also include Shield, Marvel, and our consultative support, where we can help with architectural guidance, sizing recommendations, upgrade planning, optimization of queries and tuning for indexing based on your environment, etc, etc. We try to do everything we can to ensure your success, :slight_smile:

If you'd like more details on pricing of the subscriptions, send me a PM with your contact info, and I'll connect you with someone who can help.


(Michael Voigt) #7

Thanks for your reply, but the support plan pricing is currently too much for use ;( We got an offer between 25.000$ and 30.000$ per year (For just 5 Nodes). We ask 2 months ago, because we wanted to use shield.


(Eunkyung Kim) #8

Hi Steve,

I would like to use the Watcher for non-commercial application into our intranet.
In that case, is it possible to use a Watcher as a free?

(Mark Walkom) #9

Watcher is not free, so this is not possible sorry.

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