About reindex

I have a concern when reindex, which is how to ensure seamless integration during the re indexing process as the original index continues to write data?


The reindex will work on the documents that were in the source index when you started the process, it will not create a repeating task, so this wouldn't be an issue.

sorry, I didn't express myself clearly enough.
I am concerned that the newly created content may not have been migrated during the reindex process

Correct. Any data added or modified after the reindex request started will not be part of the reindex operation. The reindex operation works on a snapshot of what the data looks like at the time it starts.

okey thks , do you know how to avoid this ?

That is how reindex works so there is no way to avoid it. You may work around it, but how to do that depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

What problem are you solving by reindexing?

What is the size of the index you are reindexing?

Are you just adding new data to the index or also updating and/or deleting?

What is the indexing/update/delete throughput?


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